Sunflower Land Introduces Dawn Breaker Season

Sunflower Land introduces new exclusive content and competitions while incorporating a season-long story to enhance the player experience and ensure a sustainable business model.

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Sunflower Land, an award-winning web3 game built on Polygon, is launching its innovative Dawn Breaker season, featuring a wealth of exclusive content, a season-long narrative, and various new features to engage and entertain its dedicated community. The game's primary focus is on sustainable growth and affordability, aiming to redefine web3 gaming by providing  accessible, groundbreaking experiences that value the community over speculative NFT launches.

The Dawn Breaker season pass, priced at $4.99, offers players access to exclusive content such as a 25% SFL discount on seasonal items, a unique Dawn Breaker banner, and exclusive cosmetics. Additionally, season pass holders will receive a free wearable NFT airdrop. This approach to content distribution promotes a stable and sustainable business model that avoids relying on overpriced NFTs.

New competitions have been introduced alongside the season pass, including a referral competition with prizes valued at over $6k USD and a farm design competition called #OnlyFarms, which takes advantage of the newly launched landscape editor. On top of that, players can take part in the Bumpkin fashion competition, showcasing their creativity with Sunflower Land's in-game character PFP NFTs.

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Bumpkins, Sunflower Land's unique in-game NFT characters, can be fully customized with additional NFTs and provide boosts for farms. Players receive one free Bumpkin with their farm purchase, while additional Bumpkins can be acquired for $5 each. This approach enhances the gaming experience and contributes to its sustainable growth.

The Dawn Breaker season pass introduces an easier onboarding process for new players, offering an engaging and enjoyable experience. New features include the introduction of eggplant crops and spontaneous mushroom appearances, adding more variety to the gameplay. The season presents "Dawn Breaker Island," a special community event where players must join forces to rescue a stranded family on a deserted island. The event includes over ten new rare collectibles and limited edition items, as well as opportunities to earn Dawn Breaker Wearables.

Sunflower Land's Dawn Breaker season pass marks a new era in web3 gaming, blending exclusive content, community engagement, and a commitment to sustainable, player-focused business practices. As pioneers in the space, Sunflower Land continues to deliver authentic and captivating experiences that resonate with both the gaming and web3 communities.

Join Sunflower Land's community today across their socials and experience the future of sustainable web3 gaming on Polygon.

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September 6th 2023


April 28th 2023

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