Spider Tanks Details Major In-Game Economy Updates

Following the recent introduction of its Honor System, Spider Tanks undergoes a major in-game economy overhaul with tons of changes.

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The popular web3 game Spider Tanks has made some exciting updates to its economy and rewards system, following the recent introduction of its Honor System. Data collected has shown that adjustments were needed for a healthy and sustainable economy, and as a result, there will be changes to the earnings of different rarities of tanks. Common tanks will see an increase of 88.57%, uncommon tanks will see an increase of 65.57%, rare tanks will see an increase of 25.59%, while epic, legendary, and ancient tanks will see a decrease of 25.44%, 40.53%, and 76.29% respectively.

In addition, the game has introduced a new feature called Supercharge, which will give players a massive VP boost of 5x the VP for their first win of the day for 5 matches. To prevent abuse, players will only be able to join solo queue for the next 5 matches once a Supercharge is activated, and there will be a maximum of one Supercharge per part per day.

The upgrade system has also been improved, making it easier to level up tanks and redistributing the overall cost of components. To complement these changes, the game has also boosted Captain and Pilot VP earnings and reduced the prices of all Atomic Drop Pods in the Gala Games store, making it easier for players to access everything the game has to offer.

Spider Tanks players can expect a series of upgrades to the game's economy in the coming weeks, with the first set of changes set to go live next week. To prepare for these changes, players are encouraged to take note of the upcoming changes and make any necessary adjustments to their gameplay. The developers have also announced that they will be testing out a Bonus SILK period as a thank you to players for their continued support.

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September 21st 2023


January 27th 2023

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