Spider Tanks Introduces Honor System to Slow Down Rewards Extraction

Spider Tanks introduces an Honor system that tracks players' in-game actions to ensure a safe and positive environment for all its playerbase.

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For decades, gaming across all genres has suffered from certain players spreading toxicity and making it difficult for others to experience a calm and enjoyable gaming session. It certainly increased lately, and games have become more aware of it. This prompted the likes of Riot Games to add the Honor system into League of Legends, with other video game developers following suite. However, in web3 gaming, the equivalent of that disruptive behavior is the constant extraction of value out of a title. Spider Tanks, one of Gala Games' flagship titles, has received an update introducing an Honor system into the game to make sure its competitive environment stays away from any toxicity and can be played by anyone at anytime.

As a result of the Honor System, those who simply remove $SILK from the ecosystem in order to sell it instantly will lose honor points, resulting in the player not receiving the full amount of Victory Points moving onwards from that point after each win. This mechanism discourages players from instantly withdrawing their rewards to exchange it for any stablecoin and instead try to actively find ways to improve their tank's components or spend it elsewhere to enhance their overall gaming experience.

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For a better understanding of the system, A player's Honor ranges from 0 to 1,200. A player with 900 Honor will only receive 75% of Victory Points after winning a match. Victory Points are exchanged for $SILK at the end of the day. Thus, those with low Honor will find it difficult to farm $SILK. An individual can either recover low honor or lose high honor by performing honorable or dishonorable actions.

An example of the actions contributing positively towards your Honor score would be running a Planetary node, which rewards you 6 points daily and can be stacked up, and by simply being the game and winning your matches for the day. On the other hand, actions like bridging out $SILK from Project GYRI to Ethereum, or even sending the token to another Project GYRI wallet other than its original receptor, will cause you to lose Honor points.

What do you think of this new system implemented by Spider Tanks? Do you think this will be enough to help sustain its in-game economy?

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September 21st 2023


December 21st 2022

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