Spider Tanks Announce Planetary Node Atlas; Own a Node and Host Games

Spider Tanks, a game under Gala Games' portfolio, announces Planetary Nodes. It allows players to host matches and get rewarded for it.

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Spider Tanks is one of the hottest multiplayer games on the Gala Games platform, and now players can finally own a node in-game to host matches and get rewarded for it. The latest blog published by the studio announces more details on nodes, with all the current plans for the Planetary Node Ecosystem and beyond.

Spider Tanks Planetary Nodes will enable the studio to increase its server load limit, while rewarding its users and owners at the same time. One of the many purposes of introducing planetary nodes is to equally distribute the workload and host various aspects of Spider Tanks matches. The following list is a handful of many other benefits:

  • An active Planetary Node operator receives rewards for every single match.
  • Your own Map can be paired with your Planetary Node to increase reward potential.
  • Planetary Nodes can be upgraded to occupy more spaces in the Node Queue.

All active Planetary Nodes wait in the Node Queue, which puts owners in an order to host matches and get rewarded. This primarily gives owners VP rewards, which depends on whether the node owner has an active map, paired owned NFTs to the Planetary Node, among other elements. It is worth keeping in mind nodes must be online at least 6 hours each day to be eligible for any rewards for that day. For more information, you can go through the detailed document here.

How much do you play Spider Tanks on a weekly basis? What do you most enjoy while playing the game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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September 21st 2023


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