Skyweaver Latest Roadmap Teases Exciting Updates

Skyweaver unveils new Hero abilities, improved starter decks, an enhanced questing system, and a robust tournament structure to cater to players of all levels.

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This summer, Skyweaver is set to undergo exciting changes to improve the gaming experience for both new and veteran players. Key updates include the introduction of Hero abilities, improved starter decks, a revamped questing system, and a comprehensive tournament structure.

Firstly, all Heroes will now require a 30-card deck, and single-prism Heroes will gain unique abilities to better balance gameplay. These abilities will enhance existing cards and provide more strategic depth. Multi-prism Heroes will also receive abilities later in the year.

New players can look forward to improved starter decks for Ada, Ari, Bouran, Lotus, and Samya, featuring 30-card decks composed mainly of previously unseen cards. These decks offer distinct play experiences and are designed to be more engaging for newcomers.

Skyweaver is set to roll out an improved questing system, including daily, weekly, and seasonal quests. These quests will offer dynamic challenges and complement the free and premium Skypasses, providing more opportunities for players to progress and achieve rewards.

Lastly, the game will introduce a robust tournament system to cater to different player levels. The new tournament structure will include various formats, such as constructed and draft modes, and support diverse entry fees, prize schedules, and player capacities.

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September 6th 2023


April 19th 2023

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