How Can Web3 Gaming Industry Adapt to Shifting Mobile Trends in 2023

The latest insights from Tenjin's H1 2023 report, a follow-up to the 'From Hyper to Hybrid in 2023' analysis

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In the rapidly evolving world of web3 gaming, adaptation is the name of the game. The latest insights from Tenjin's H1 2023 report, a follow-up to the 'From Hyper to Hybrid in 2023' analysis, provide a comprehensive look at the changing landscape of mobile advertising and ad monetization. These trends are not only intriguing but carry significant implications for the web3 gaming industry.

Declining eCPM vs. Soaring IAP: A Balancing Act

Perhaps the most eye-catching revelation from the data is the significant decline in Average eCPM (Effective Cost Per Mille). On Android, eCPM plummeted by a substantial 26% compared to the latter half of 2022. iOS, while more resilient, also witnessed a 12% drop in eCPM. What does this mean for gaming? It signifies that the landscape is becoming more competitive, making it essential for developers to find creative ways to maximize ad revenue.


However, amidst the eCPM turbulence, there is a silver lining. In-app purchases (IAP) have emerged as a beacon of hope. In H1 2023, IAP witnessed remarkable growth, surging by 23% on Android and 24% on iOS compared to the second half of 2022. This surge underlines a crucial point: gamers are not hesitant to invest in enhancing their gaming experiences, and developers should seize this opportunity to offer engaging in-game content and purchases.


Android Gaming: Shifting Country Rankings and Top Ad Networks

Taking a closer look at Android gaming, the global landscape of downloads showcases some intriguing patterns. Over the past year, India, Brazil, the United States, Indonesia, and Mexico have consistently topped the charts for total downloads. These countries' prominence emphasizes the truly global reach of gaming and the importance of catering to diverse player bases.

On the advertising front, Google Ads, AppLovin, Mintegral, Meta, and ironSource have emerged as the leaders in installations on Android. This is a testament to the critical role that strategic ad network partnerships play in reaching a broader audience in the Android gaming ecosystem. Developers looking to thrive in this space should consider these key players for their advertising needs.


iOS Gaming: Shifting Rankings and Leading Ad Networks

Meanwhile, in the iOS gaming sphere, we see shifting sands in country rankings. Notably, China and Saudi Arabia dropped out of the top rankings in the first quarter of 2023, making way for Canada and Germany to make their mark. The USA, maintaining its top position, is now accompanied by the UK in second place, and Japan securing the third position. These shifts highlight the ever-evolving nature of the iOS gaming market, calling for adaptable strategies from game developers.

When it comes to ad networks on iOS, the competition is fierce. AppLovin, Mintegral, ironSource, Meta, and Google Ads, in that order, have risen to prominence as the leading ad networks in the first half of 2023. As with Android, selecting the right ad network partner is critical for success in the iOS gaming landscape.


Conclusion: Insights for Web3 Gaming

The insights drawn from Tenjin's H1 2023 report paint a vivid picture of the mobile gaming industry's transformation. As eCPM dips, IAP takes center stage, demonstrating the willingness of gamers to invest in their gaming experiences. Country rankings shift, ad networks evolve, and the web3 gaming industry must adapt and thrive in this dynamic landscape.

For developers and stakeholders in the web3 gaming space, staying informed about these trends is essential. Embracing new strategies, building strong partnerships, and delivering captivating gaming experiences will be the keys to success as we navigate the ever-changing currents of the web3 gaming world. Stay tuned for more updates as the industry continues to evolve and redefine itself in the months and years to come.

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