Second World Games Partners with Immutable zkEVM and Polygon

Second World Games reveals 'New Era,' inspired by Clash of Clans & Clash Royale. The game is set to use Immutable zkEVM with Polygon support after a 1.65M USD pre-sale.

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Second World Games is gearing up for the launch of its upcoming mobile game, 'Second World: New Era.' Taking cues from popular games like Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, the game is being developed on the Immutable zkEVM platform, with support from Polygon.

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With previous experience in building digital platforms that have attracted millions of users, Second World Games has secured 1.65 million USD in a pre-sale for their latest project. This funding underscores their commitment to creating engaging experiences within the evolving web3 landscape. Second World Public Beta is available on the app stores and the $SWIO launch is happening later this semester.

Co-founder of Second World, Íñigo Cavestany, commented on the partnership, saying, "Working with Immutable zkEVM and Polygon is a strategic move for us. This collaboration aligns with our goal to provide experiences centered around the players."

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The decision to utilize Immutable zkEVM and Polygon offers Second World Games a scalable and reliable framework for their game. Such a partnership indicates a step forward in integrating established technologies to enhance user interaction and performance.

As the launch date for 'Second World: New Era' approaches, industry observers and gaming enthusiasts are keenly awaiting its debut. With its foundation on trusted technologies and a focus on user engagement, 'Second World: New Era' aims to offer players a distinctive gaming experience in an increasingly competitive market.



January 11th 2024


January 11th 2024

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