Reign of Terror Reveals More Details on Utility Pass NFT

Reign of Terror reveals more information on their utility pass NFT, allowing players to get game access as well as the opportunity to participate in their token generation event.

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Red Door Digital, the developers behind the popular game Reign of Terror, have just announced the launch of their Utility Pass, a new NFT that unlocks access to their ecosystem. This pass allows players to earn Cores, the in-game currency for the upcoming Reign of Terror update, and gain early access to the game's Awakening feature.

The Utility Pass comes in two varieties: the Ape Pass and the Bull Pass. The Ape Pass is priced at $50 USDC, with a supply of 1,000, and features an ape PFP. It gives players $50 USDC worth of Cores and a Game Access Pass after staking it in the Awakening game. The Bull Pass, priced at $100 USDC with a supply of 1,000, features a detailed bull PFP and offers players $100 USDC worth of Cores and a Game Access Pass after staking it in the Awakening game.

By staking your Utility Pass until the Token Generation Event (TGE) in late March, you will receive Cores to use in the Awakening Vault Challenge, which is used for speeding up missions, scouting for rewards, attempting to unlock the grand prize, and starting missions. The Utility Pass grants players a Game Access Pass with the same benefits as those given to IDO launchpad participants. After TGE, players' Cores will follow the public vesting schedule based on the current tokenomics, and can be converted to $ROT at a 1:1 ratio. This offers even more value to players who stake their Utility Pass and play Awakening.

What do you think of Reign of Terror's utility pass NFT? Which one are you going to pick up?

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September 21st 2023


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