Polkastarter Gaming Breaks Multiple Records with Undead Blocks Tournament

Polkastarter Gaming sponsorship set to lower barriers to entry and drive further mass adoption to the zombie survival game.

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If you were keeping track, the previous weekend saw the Polkastarter Gaming community and beyond take part in the Undead Blocks tournament event, the world’s first multiplayer zombie survival game, for a free-to-enter, play-and-earn tournament with a prize pool of $10,000.

Across the 48 hours the tournament doors were open, over 1.6K players took part accumulating an astounding 37 Thousand games with 11.2 Millions zombies killed between them. Each of these players played Undead Blocks for an average of 8.5 hours trying to clock the highest number of zombies killed in 10 minutes.

The impressive figures don’t end there. Players interacted with or looked at a Polkastarter Gaming billboard or banner over 755 thousand times while firing over 1.2 Billion rounds of ammunition. All of which set a standard for what competitive first-person shooters can do to push forward web3 gaming.

Of course, we can’t conclude the tournament without congratulating the winners – with the top 1,000 players on the leaderboard walking away with a share from the prize pool; and it was none other than Polkastarter Gaming’s very own, ShinyatheNinja, taking home the 1st place prize, $1,000. The tournament saw incredible talent and very close competition between all ranks across all the 1,000 eligible players for the reward, making this one of the most enjoyable tournaments based on community and content creators’ feedback alike!

The community reception was astounding, with countless participants sharing their clips, streams, and standing on the leaderboard throughout the tournament – some even asking to extend the tournament and host another one, only minutes after the tournament was concluded.

We pride ourselves in the organic engagement and reach we managed to generate with gamers willingly picking up the game and giving this tournament a test-run. In addition, we continue to believe that these tournaments and gaming moments are essential to the growth of web3 gaming, and crucial in cultivating a truly organic look to the industry for those considering jumping into blockchain games.

We shared some of our favorite snippets of feedback below – but if we could, we’d include our entire feed during the tournament!

Unlike other play-to-earn games that focus on the transaction ecosystem and NFT gated access to earning, Undead Blocks is taking the space by storm with sponsored tournaments presenting accessible and frictionless opportunities for gamers to play a thoroughly enjoyable game and earn as they attempt to climb a competitive leaderboard!

If you are interested in similar opportunities, make sure to tune into our Week 3 of the Earth From Another Sun tournament. Just go to our Events section, and make sure you stay updated on our platform for more tournaments, announcements and beyond – and let us know in the comments section what rank did you end up on in the Undead Blocks tournament.

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September 21st 2023


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