Panzerdogs Reveals Major Game Update

Panzerdogs undergoes major overhaul with its latest update, increasing the level cap, introducing weapon classes, and much more.

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Panzerdogs is a Solana NFT game that allows players to own all in-game assets while battling it out in tanks against each other. The game received a major update with tons of changes made to the game.

Players can now progress further and access new and powerful weapons, thanks to the increased level cap of 25. One of the most notable changes is the addition of weapon classes. Each turret now belongs to one of five classes: Standard Rifle, Light Gun, Heavy Cannon, Burst Rifle, and Scattergun. These classes define each weapon's firing behavior and offer unique strengths and weaknesses, empowering players to choose the weapon that best suits their playstyle. We have also made tradeoff adjustments for each part, ensuring a more balanced gameplay experience. Additionally, we've added new sounds for each weapon class, making each shot more satisfying.

To enhance Panzerdogs' gameplay, turn and aim rates have been increased by 16%, and boost speed has been boosted and no longer tied to base speed. We've modified boost stats on parts that affect boost, providing every tank with the same boost speed, unless altered by part stats. The game experience has been improved with a zoomed-out camera, new holospray emotes, animated respawn screens, and end-game celebration effects. The UI has been adjusted and fixed, and players can now customize their calling cards to display their unique style.

Changes have been made to maps, including the removal of dead ends and the modification of grass placement on Dugout's arena map. On Elevate's arena map, smaller, more impactful breakable bridges and edges to shoot over have been added. In-game ammo and health displays have been improved to make them more noticeable and clear, and new kill feed icons have been added based on the cause of death. Furthermore, multi-kill announcements and "First Blood" and "Wipe Out" announcements have been introduced to enhance the overall gaming experience.

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September 21st 2023


February 15th 2023

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