Blankos Block Party Dev, Mythical Games, Acquires DMarket

Mythical Games, the studio behind the GAM3 Awards Best Casual winner Blankos Block Party, acquired DMarket to launch Mythical Marketplace 2.0.

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Mythical Games, a web3-focused gaming technology studio and developer of Blankos Block Party, has announced the launch of Mythical Marketplace 2.0, a new digital game asset marketplace. The marketplace is the result of the company's recent acquisition of marketplace tech start-up DMarket, and is built on Mythical’s new layer 1 EVM blockchain and powered by the Mythos native ecosystem token, MYTH.

The acquisition of DMarket is a significant milestone for Mythical Games as it brings the most advanced trading platform for digital assets. The new marketplace is designed to provide a frictionless user experience that enables peer-to-peer transactions and empowers gamers to participate in the play-and-own gaming economies of the future. The Mythical Chain, which is the backbone of the marketplace, has been live for six weeks and has already processed over 2 million transactions.

Mythical’s Marketplace 2.0 has fully integrated DMarket’s technology, including its blended payment gateway, which features a powerful AML and anti-fraud protection system built on more than a decade of industry experience. This new marketplace will support NFL Rivals and Nitro Nation World Tour assets, with plans to expand to all Mythical titles on the Mythical Chain. The assets on the Mythical Chain will be entirely governed by smart contracts with both ownership and commerce logic enforced on a secure distributed digital ledger.

In addition, DMarket has also adopted the Mythical Chain for its existing marketplace, which will continue to operate outside of the Mythical Marketplace. will retain the familiar experience with purchases in USD in the web experience, however, all trades will be recorded on the Mythical Chain to provide full transparency to the community.

Overall, the launch of Mythical Marketplace 2.0 is a major step forward for Mythical Games as it continues its commitment to innovation in gaming and the development of advanced trading platforms for digital assets.

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September 21st 2023


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