MonkeyLeague Releases Game Update #4; Changes to 6v6

MonkeyLeague releases game update #4, and it featured tons of new information and gameplay snippets to enjoy leading up to the game release.

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MonkeyLeague is one of the anticipated titles in the web3 gaming world, especially if you are fan of blockchain sports games. The title has managed to slowly gather momentum since its token release in mid December 2021. We are finally starting to get solid gameplay footage, and the latest MonkeyLeague game update #4 featured a ton of new information you have to know.

The game update kicked off with thanking everyone in the community for their contributions to MonkeyLeague’s success so far. First off, gameplay-wise, players won’t be limited to 2–4 moves per turn anymore. Instead, the team decided to change the structure into allowing players to take as many turns as they want till they either lose the ball or score a goal. This allows for a more interactive and free flowing gameplay.

A feat worth saluting the MonkeyLeague team for is their commitment to improving the AI, a topic that was under discussion heavily by their community. The feedback was following a shared gameplay snippet showcasing only the characters interacting with the ball moving with active animations while everyone else are idle facing each other. Now the AI supposedly will interact “based on many variables such as what move it was, where the move was directed to, where you are on the field, where other players are, and more.”

The most significant change comes in the field size changing as well as the number of monkies in every game. The original MonkeyLeague gameplay was supposed to be 4v4, but the team decided to change it up to 6v6. The change dictated a bigger field to accommodate the additional characters, and indeed all playing fields moving forward will be 10×7. This should allow for “not only fun, quick, and engaging gameplay but also additional strategic layers as a bigger field and more players injects many new potential player dilemmas that require more strategic and tactical thinking.”

What do you think of all the changes the MonkeyLeague team introduced in their latest update? Are you looking forward to trying out the game? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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