Mini Royale: Nations Integrates User-Created Skins

Mini Royale: Nations dives deep into user-created skins. Support the community, personalize your heroes, and elevate your gameplay.

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In a significant stride towards supporting user-generated content, Mini Royale: Nations now allows players to purchase user-created skins for their heroes. This innovation comes in line with other initiatives, such as compatibility partnerships with Ready Player Me and the Faraway Creator Program, which emphasize the power of player creativity in expanding the gaming ecosystem.

User-generated skins are available for a selection of Premium heroes, including Akuma, Batto, Daichi, and others. Players can view available skins in their inventory, purchase them directly in the game, and mint the skins through their connected wallets. Note, however, that these skins can only be equipped to heroes that players already own.

Once purchased, these skins can be freely used, gifted, or listed for secondary sales. They can also be equipped to heroes staked for economic points in Clan Wars. However, users should remember that if a UGC skin is purchased for a hero they don't own, it will appear in their wallet but not in their in-game inventory.

This is just the beginning. The upcoming launch of the Faraway Shop this summer will provide a platform for players to browse, purchase, and even sell their creations, further bolstering the user-generated content landscape within the Mini Royale: Nations gaming community.

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September 6th 2023


May 11th 2023