KOMPETE v0.13 Update: New Features and Mobile Version Close Testing

Explore the KOMPETE v0.13 update, featuring game improvements and closed testing for Android & iOS. Get ready for an enhanced gaming experience.

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The KOMPETE v0.13 update is live, introducing exciting features and enhancements. The updated KOMPETE Launcher offers a new design, notifications, and improved stability. In-game, a "Best Matchmaking Times" notification has been added to the menu lobby, and the team is working on integrating Unreal Engine Metahumans for an immersive character experience.

Several map adjustments have been made to Mahzookoo Island, including launch draft changes for Sunrise Greens and Packers Docks, updates to the market and town hall buildings in Crown Jewel Plaza, and a bridge color scheme change in District 7.

For the Blitz Royale mode, the v0.13 update introduces DNA adjustments for smaller and bigger characters, Redemption time changes, and Lootsafe improvements. The update also brings adjustments to the Secret feature and the Rattlesnake weapon, as well as various updates to sound effects and weapon mechanics.

Kart Race mode has also received attention in this update, with the addition of equipment storage for Kart Race items and the resolution of a bug that affected team position visibility.

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September 6th 2023


April 24th 2023

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