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KOMPETE is a team-based multiplayer game: Battle Royal, Kart Race, Basketball, Golf, & more.

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KOMPETE, an Unreal Engine 5 online team multiplayer game, allows players to customize their character, KOMPETITOR, and compete with friends across a variety of high-quality game modes. It's free-to-play with cross-play, cross-generation, and cross-economy features available on Windows PC, iOS, Android, Xbox, and PlayStation. Using a single KOMPETE account, players can access their entire inventory of cosmetics on all platforms. The game is set to release in 2023, with Mahzookoo Island serving as the game's home and hosting all KOMPETE game modes.

Depending on the game mode selected, the player's KOMPETITOR will spawn in the designated area of Mahzookoo Island. For instance, if players want to play basketball, they will spawn on one of the numerous basketball courts. Similarly, if they opt for Kart Race, they will start at the starting line and race through the island. In Battle Royale, players will start in a helicopter above a portion of the island, ready to drop in and compete. As KOMPETE expands, Mahzookoo Island will grow to include new game modes, creating an ever-changing landscape that keeps the gameplay fresh.


Unleash your creativity and personalize your KOMPETITOR to your heart's content! The fully customizable character creator allows you to manipulate over 80 morphable areas, including facial features, height, weight, and muscle mass, providing endless options to create the perfect avatar. You can even tailor specific attributes to suit different game modes, ensuring that you play the way you want to play. However, each playstyle has its own strengths and weaknesses, so choose wisely.

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Players can join the competition alongside their friends in a variety of exciting trio-based sports, such as Basketball, Battle Royale, Kart Racing, and Golf. While future game modes remain a secret, keep your eyes open for clues, and there's no limit to the possibilities you can explore.

How to Get Started

To prepare for creating a KOMPETE Web3 account, it's important to have your wallet in order. We recommend creating a separate MetaMask wallet dedicated to your KOMPETE account. You don't have to keep all your KOMPETE Tokens in this wallet; just transfer 1 KOMPETE Token to ensure Beta access. Once your PC and wallet are ready, you can create your account. It's essential to use a valid email address and store your password safely.

After creating a KOMPETE account, you can sign in and access the 'Closed Beta' page. However, you need to have at least 1 KOMPETE Token in your wallet to get the download link. Once you download the game, the latest update will automatically install. Please note that this initial update may take some time to complete.



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KOMPETE is an online team multiplayer all-in-one game built on Unreal Engine 5.


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