Koakuma Reveals More Details on Rune System

Koakuma reveals more information on the rune system; the different types, the different combinations, and where and how to get them.

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Koakuma is an MMORPG that takes players on a dangerous adventure to clear the dangers lurking around the world of Laria. Throughout your adventures, you will be slaying enemies left and right. The loot you gather along the way makes your character stronger once it is equipped. Koakuma has everything from helmets and chest plates to wristbands and pants. One of the more sophisticated features Koakuma has is the Rune system, which was explained thoroughly in their recent announcement.

There is a variety of different runes in the game. Green runes increase your stats, blue runes activate special abilities when certain conditions are met, and golden runes have better stats than green or blue. Players can combine and mix runes to make their character even stronger. There are 5 levels of runes, with the highest level being 5. After a player synthesizes 3 runes together on their synthesis tab, they will have one high-level rune. During Koakuma's closed beta, only 2 runes are needed to experience how rune synthesis work for everyone to get a better feel of the feature.

In Koakuma, all runes are NFTs. There are no rules about which character can use which runes, and once the game is launched, players can challenge dungeons, kill monsters, and open treasure chests to pick up randomly dropped runes. Primary runes are often needed for constructing higher-level runes. While you can collect them in game, it might be quicker to buy the runes you want and get a temporary boost to its power. If you are interested in getting a head start, you can directly purchase them in the ongoing Koakuma NFT sale on Ultra.

The development team updated Runes and they’re now 3-in-1 instead of 2-in-1. The number of runes required for the upgrade has been adjusted, so the price has also been updated accordingly to reflect that change for anyone interested in picking them up.

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September 21st 2023


December 1st 2022

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