Koakuma Announces New CBT2 Tournament

Koakuma announces a new free-to-play Closed Beta 2 Tournament, kicking off today, January 7th, and runs till January 15th.

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Koakuma kicked off their Closed Beta 2 phase during October 2022, and ever since, the MMORPG title has taken players on dangerous adventures to clear the enemies lurking around the world of Laria. The team has organized three tournament since the launch of the CBT2, but now it is time for the fourth one, with new features added to the game and and new mechanics for players to test out.

This tournament is open only to newly created characters in order to ensure a level playing field for all participants. All players will begin at the same level and start simultaneously, competing for the top spot in the tournament. This new competition is primarily set up to celebrate Koakuma's upcoming IGO, and to give everyone a chance to enjoy the game prior to its imminent full launch later during the year.

The tournament mode consists of 36 levels, and players advance to the next level by defeating all the monsters in the current level. On every 5th level, a core energy altar will appear that can be activated by defeating all monsters. Activating the altar will restore 20% of the player's maximum hit points (HP). When interacting with the altar, the player can choose one of three random core energies to absorb, up to a maximum of four at a time.

When a player successfully completes the 30th level, they will be granted a special privilege for their next tournament: the ability to bring one of the core energies absorbed during the previous challenge to the next tournament, which will not take up a slot and cannot be replaced. This privilege will remain in effect until the current challenge ends.

Everyone's ranking will be judged on the final submitted amount of challenged levels and the elapsed time to complete them. The Koakuma team has put up 10K USD worth of NFTs and $KKMA tokens. You can directly play the game through the Elixir launcher.

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September 21st 2023


January 7th 2023

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