Illuvium Zero Private Alpha Goes Live on January 6th

Illuvium has been on a roll the past few months, and the train isn't stopping any time soon with Illuvium Zero coming in with its private Alpha on January 6th.

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Illuvium has enjoyed a stellar close to 2022, releasing their second Illuvium Arena private beta, putting out an incredibly engaging Illuvium Overworld demo, and taking home the GAM3 Awards Best RPG title. The studio isn't slowing down any time soon, and 2023 is already off to a hot start. The team announced in their latest newsletter the Private Alpha phase for Illuvium Zero will commence on January 6th.

In Illuvium Zero, you can build and manage your own digital industrial complex on your mobile or desktop device. This city-building companion game allows you to develop your Land plots and all Landowners will have access to the Illuvium Zero Alpha version.

There are many activities to participate in, but two features that are particularly exciting for players of Illuvium: Overworld are the ability to collect fuel and blueprints. Fuel allows players to access higher tiers of expeditions, increasing their chances of finding rare resources and Illuvials, while blueprints unlock unique cosmetics such as skins for player characters or the companion drone, M0z4rt. Both fuel and blueprints can be traded on the IlluviDex or kept by players to enhance their overall Illuvium gaming experience.

After a 6 to 8-week period, all collected resources, fuels, and other items will be reset, marking the end of Season 0. This is a testing period designed to identify and address any major issues before moving on to Season 1. During this time, players can carry their collected resources, blueprints, and other items into the future of Illuvium games.

Illuvium: Zero Alpha will be live on the 6th of January, 2023 at 5:30 AM UTC. What are you most looking forward to trying out with Illuvium Zero? Do you own a land NFT already?

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