Hunters On-Chain Announces Launch Tournament with 1M $BGEM Prize Pool

Boomland's Hunters On-Chain players will get to enjoy an exciting Launch Tournament with a massive 1M $BGEM and 5000 Common Hunters prize pool.

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Boomland's Hunters On-Chain is celebrating its official launch with a thrilling tournament that will put players to the test. The competition is open to everyone, and there are amazing prizes up for grabs.

To participate, players simply need to go to the Boomland website, click on the tournament banner, and log in with their Sequence wallet to start playing. For those who don't have a wallet, they can create one within the pop-up in just five seconds. Plus, all players will receive the same set of Hunters for an even playing field.

The prizes are impressive, with 5,000 Common Hunters and over 1M $BGEMs for the leaderboard winners. Additionally, the top 5000 players will receive a free Common Hunter NFT to start playing Hunters On-Chain on the Mainnet launch for free.

But the ultimate prize is reserved for the most skilled players. The winners of the tournament will receive Genesis Chests and a vault full of $BGEMs, and there's even a community milestone of 5,000 players in the leaderboard. If this is achieved, all participants will receive a massive Genesis chest giveaway containing Genesis Hunters with a Legendary artifact that provides a 100% $BGEM earning boost.

To make the tournament a success, Boomland is encouraging players to invite friends, relatives, and even their school teacher or grandmother if they're gamers. The company will release a login form that ties all wallets to one account, so players can easily get their Common Hunters on the Mainnet release.

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September 6th 2023


March 10th 2023