Guild of Guardians Reveals Major Development Changes

Guild of Guardians unveils a new roadmap with four milestones, the evolution to a Roguelite Squad RPG, progress updates, and a redesigned economy.

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Guild of Guardians (GoG) has released its highly anticipated roadmap that features four major milestones, leading up to the much-awaited launch of the game. The roadmap charts the evolution of GoG from an Action RPG to a Roguelite Squad RPG, aiming to offer players a more engaging and enduring gaming experience.

Guild of Guardians has implemented an initial playable demo, dubbed the "beautiful corner," offering players the full moment-to-moment gameplay experience. This includes exploring dungeons in the roguelike, advancing Guardians, and upgrading their equipment via merge and crafting. The integration of web3 into the core gameplay systems has also been delved into, with a planned follow-up trip in July to finalize details and ensure seamless implementation.

Following the Beautiful Corner, GoG will transition into the Limited Beta phase. During this phase, the development team plans to incorporate learnings and feedback from the Beautiful Corner to further develop and implement new game features. These include auto-battler mechanics, Hero equipment and NFT integration, merge crafting, a summoning system and story mode, and web3 integrations.

The Open Beta Launch, the final milestone, will see GoG launching on mobile, integrating all core game features, including an in-game storefront, leaderboards, gem rewards, and crucial NFT integrations. This launch will also include further refinements to enhance the user experience and improvements such as device compatibility.

The decision to transform GoG into a Roguelite Squad RPG was made after careful consideration, with the primary aim of fostering long-term player engagement. By introducing parallel play, GoG enables players to adapt their engagement levels, allowing them to enjoy the game alongside other activities.

As part of increasing economic depth, several changes have been planned. These include adding a match & merge crafting system, introducing a hero star system, expanding content for free-to-play players, adding more components, consumables, and recipes for crafting, and broadening item crafting opportunities. These changes are designed to increase the depth and strategy of the game's economy.

With these significant changes to Guild of Guardians' future, we will definitely be keeping a close eye on its future developments.

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September 6th 2023


May 19th 2023

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