Guild of Guardians Dev Diaries Recaps Demo Success and Teases Alpha Release Timeline

Guild of Guardians latest developer diaries recaps the GOG demo's success, teases Alpha release timeline, and tons of game lore.

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Guild of Guardians is the talk of the town lately, and that’s for good reason. Over the past 30 days, a playable version of the game was released for everyone to enjoy. This isn’t the first time as the Guild of Guardians’ got to enjoy the pre-alpha before, but this time it was a little different. The team purposefully didn’t implement any multiplayer leaderboards and incentives in order to gauge player retention and gameplay on its own. Well, the experiment worked.

In the development team’s sixth edition of dev diaries, they recapped the success of the Guild of Guardians demo, and showcase their future plans. Some of the interesting statistics they shared highlighted the registration count, reaching over 20 thousand applications, with 8 thousand only accepted at the end. Those 8 thousand players didn’t disappoint as they managed to accumulate the following:

  • Over 11,000 hours played
  • 156,158 dungeons crawled
  • 256,437 ultimate abilities cast
  • 15,852,328 enemies defeated
  • 233,675 Heroes died honourable deaths in battle.

Now that all of this is behind us, the team gave an insight on what comes next for Guild of Guardians. In terms of content, whatever players experienced in the demo is going to be improved based on the players’ feedback. On top of that, additional features which include “more dungeons, guilds, guild crafting, energy tokens, pets, guild raids, salvaging and so on” have already been in the works for a while and are undergoing internal testing for confirmation on functionality.

The studio recognizes the importance of lore and storybuilding to go along fun adventure gameplay, and the preview of the world of Brimstone captured in the image above. The main focus of the lore will revolve around unravelling the mysteries of the “bow,” and the following story snippet is enough to keep you hooked till the next lore update.

Brimstone is an unruly realm of ash and fire. Its unforgiving terrain overwhelms most travellers. Only the Draek have fully adapted to its heat.

The Draek are an ancient, fire-breathing race. Over millennia, they carved their civilisation out of stone. In the heart of a volcano, they designed and constructed the Instrument — a monumental engine that channels lava into aqueducts to power their kingdom of Hearthfire.

But nothing could prepare them for the Scorched. Corrupted Dread monstrosities of flesh and coal swept through Brimstone, bringing Hearthfire — and the Draek’s legacy — to its knees.

Did you play the Guild of Guardians demo while it was live? What did you think of it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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