Gods Unchained Pre-Alpha Mobile Build Available for Limited Testing

Gods Unchained announces a limited pre-alpha test of their mobile game, available on Android devices from 28th Feb to 28th March.

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Gods Unchained, the popular web3 trading card game, has announced the release of its Pre-Alpha Mobile Build for limited testing. The game developers have emphasized that this is not the final version of the game, but rather a way to get feedback from their most engaged and active community members.

The Pre-Alpha Mobile Build will only be available for four weeks, from February 28th to March 28th. The closed testing will focus on core gameplay and exclude features like the forge and star store, deck building, pack opening, and tutorials. Players should also note that changing screen resolutions and other advanced settings will not be functional, and board UI elements are not accessible for 4:3 and narrow screens.

The Alpha testing phase will be available only for Android devices. The developers have prioritized the Android test release as most players worldwide use Android devices, and they aim to cater to a broader audience in the long run. The initial release will support the Pixel Series and Samsung S8 and above, with plans to expand support to more devices in future tests.

Gods Unchained has shared that they will update a new app weekly to address bugs and feedback received from the community. Feedback is entirely optional, but the developers have emphasized that it is the most critical aspect of this feature release. The Pre-Alpha contains surveys in-app after gameplay, and more detailed surveys will be shared via email.

The developers have invited their most engaged and active community members to participate in the Pre-Alpha testing as a thank you for their support. Invited members will receive an email with instructions and a short video demo on downloading and installing the app to Android smartphones. Players can also find the download instructions on the Mobile Help Guide.

Gods Unchained has announced that they will release an iOS build for testing later. The game developers have shared that they hope to improve the build based on feedback received from the community in areas like the launcher, actual gameplay, UI in-game, performance, and device issues. Players can drop feedback in the public #mobile pre-alpha Discord channel anytime they wish.

Make sure to check out our guide on the game for everything you need to know before you get started if you are diving into it newly with the mobile version.

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