GFR Fund Raises $53.5M for Fund III for Gaming and AI Tech

GFR Fund secures $53.5 million for Fund III, emphasizing gaming and AI tech investments. Backed by industry leaders, it aims to support emerging startups in web3.

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San Francisco-based venture capital firm, GFR Fund, has successfully secured $53.5 million for its latest tech endeavor, Fund III. The substantial fund is strategically allocated to enhance various sectors, with a primary emphasis on gaming and artificial intelligence.

Recognized for its proficiency in early-stage investments, GFR Fund's Fund III will allocate approximately one-third of its capital, $17.8 million, into the dynamic realms of gaming content and technology. A notable portion of the remaining funds is designated for generative AI companies, aligning with the tool's prominence in 2023 and its expected impact on game development.


Moreover, Fund III says it is committed to providing follow-on investments, allocating 30% of its capital to support companies previously nurtured by GFR Fund. This represents a strategic evolution from the initial fund in 2016, raising $18 million and investing in 23 companies, to the second fund in 2019, focusing on augmented reality, virtual reality, esports, web3, and blockchain with a capital of $20 million. Their current portfolio includes web3 titans such as Animoca Brands and Sky Mavis.

The significant increase to a $53.5 million fund underscores GFR Fund's dedication to fostering promising startups. General partners Teppei Tsutsui and Yasushi Komori, with backgrounds in finance and the gaming industry, respectively, bring a wealth of experience. This dynamic duo ensures that GFR Fund not only provides financial support but also offers hands-on assistance, facilitates networking opportunities, and connects emerging teams with top-tier talent.

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"With Fund III, we’re tripling down on our sweet spot: the future of gaming and entertainment. We believe that first-time founders with an emerging digital native communities mindset are the best-positioned to build the next generation of gaming and entertainment companies."

Teppei Tsutsui, General partner at GFR.

Backing GFR Fund are influential gaming names, including Square Enix, Bandai Namco, and DeNA. The latter, having recently established a joint venture with Nintendo to research and develop digital services, further solidifies GFR Fund's standing in the gaming industry. GFR Fund's $53.5 million Fund III represents a substantial step, combining financial prowess with industry expertise to drive innovation in gaming, web3 and artificial intelligence.



November 9th 2023


November 9th 2023