Square Enix Taps Polygon for Web3 Project Symbiogenesis

Japanese gaming giant Square Enix joined forces with Polygon to introduce a new web3 project, Symbiogenesis.

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Japanese gaming giant Square Enix has joined forces with Polygon to introduce a new web3 project, Symbiogenesis, promising a shift in the gaming landscape. Utilizing the Polygon blockchain network, Symbiogenesis is aiming to offer players a fast, secure, and sustainable gaming experience. The collaboration between Square Enix and Polygon Labs, the team behind the decentralized Polygon protocol, underscores the increasing integration of web3 technology in gaming.


Symbiogenesis revolves around a captivating narrative set on a mysterious floating continent. Digital collectible art pieces are at the core of this experience, evolving with each strategic move made by players. These digital collectible art pieces are not just for show. They contain vital information that players will need to unlock engaging stories about the world and its inhabitants. Completing various missions offers players the opportunity to earn these collectibles, fostering a sense of exploration and cooperation within the gaming community.


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Symbiogenesis was designed from the ground up on the blockchain and aims to provide an experience focused on community building and trading. Square Enix opted to utilize Polygon's high transaction speeds, low gas fees, and user-friendliness to deliver this unique experience to Web3 fans."

Naoyuki Tamate, the producer of Symbiogenesis at Square Enix

Players can immerse themselves in this interactive journey, uncover hidden items, and explore a virtual world with limitless discoveries. Symbiogenesis includes a variety of utility items that players can choose to trade on-chain via Polygon.

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We are extremely proud to collaborate with Square Enix, a highly respected gaming company with a proven track record spanning over several decades. Our latest collaboration just goes to show that Web3 is decisively getting more and more traction among the world’s largest developers, proving yet again that this innovative stack of technologies and the benefits they bestow have massive potential when it comes to gaming.

Urvit Goel, the Vice President of Global Games and Platform Business Development at Polygon Labs

Sustainability is apparently a key focus of Symbiogenesis, leveraging Polygon's attributes like high transaction speeds, low gas fees, and carbon-neutral status. This integration ensures the gaming experience is not only immersive but also environmentally responsible, while Ethereum's security and decentralization enhance the game's integrity.


Square Enix is well known for its role-playing game franchises, such as Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Kingdom Hearts, among numerous others. This new collaboration between Square Enix and Polygon sets the stage for web3 gaming, promising a more dynamic, sustainable, and immersive experience for avid gamers.


October 17th 2023


October 17th 2023