The Treeverse Dev Endless Clouds Secures $2.5M in Funding

Endless Clouds secures $2.5M+ in funding from top-tier investors to enhance the development of Treeverse and Capsule Heroes, promising a new era in tokenized gaming experiences.

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Mostafa Salem

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Endless Clouds, a burgeoning force in the mobile gaming industry, has recently achieved a significant milestone by securing over $2.5 million in a funding round. This achievement marks a crucial step forward for the company, co-founded by Loopify & Aizea, in realizing its ambitious projects, including the development of The Treeverse and Capsule Heroes.

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Treeverse, envisioned as an open-world MMORPG, and Capsule Heroes, a PvP brawler, stand at the forefront of Endless Clouds' endeavors. These games represent the studio's commitment to integrating tokenization elements within fun gaming experiences, adhering to their mission of creating timeless intellectual property. A notable aspect of Endless Clouds' approach is empowering users with the freedom to trade items acquired or earned within the game.

The recent funding round drew a diverse group of investors, showcasing significant confidence in Endless Clouds' vision and strategy. Among the notable investors are founders and executives from leading companies in the gaming and blockchain sectors, such as Animoca Brands, Sky Mavis, YGG, Faze Clan, Immutable, Pudgy Penguins, Pixelmon, Pixels Online, and Pixel Vault.

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The investment round included prominent entities and individuals like Animoca Brands (executives and employees), Momentum 6, Citizen Capital, GameFi Ventures, SkyVision Capital, 2 Punks Capital, Rocinante Research, Open Market Group, Narcissus Ventures, and distinguished names like Ellio Trades, Dingaling, Gabby Dizon, Faze Banks, Sean Gearin, Krybharat, Alex Becker, RookieXBT, Jeff Zirlin, cr0ss.eth, Hunter Orrell, Boomer, Yat Siu, Luca Netz, Luke Barwikowski, Chris Sirise, Andrew Soro, David Choi, among others.

Loopify shared an exclusive quote with GAM3S.GG on how the team intends to spend the raised funds to sustain the two games being developed under the studio, all while growing their resources going into 2024.

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Our funds will go towards increasing team size, outsourcing, and marketing. 2024 is a big year for us as we get gameplay in the hands of users and test live.

Loopify, Endless Clouds Co-Founder

Endless Clouds' trajectory in the gaming industry is marked by its impressive achievement of nearly $100M in NFT secondary volume, including primary sales. This financial boost is expected to significantly accelerate the development and release of both The Treeverse and Capsule Heroes.

Anticipation for these games is high, with development builds slated for release in January 2024, offering a glimpse into what could be a transformative era in the world of mobile gaming and blockchain integration. It is only fair considering the only time anyone got their hands on The Treeverse is close to a year ago during their Pre-Alpha phase, which we participated in.


December 4th 2023


December 4th 2023