The Treeverse Opens Applications for Pre-Alpha Playtest

The much awaited The Treeverse pre-alpha is closing in and applications have opened to choose the lucky few who will make it in.

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When we say The Treeverse is one of the most anticipated games in web3 gaming, we have their GAM3 Awards Most Anticipated nomination to prove it. The game  is one of the most colorfully vibrant and anticipated adventure games of web3 gaming, developed by Endless Clouds. The studio finally put out the long awaited pre-alpha application form, which only a selected few will make it in considering the team is trying to assemble qualified playtesters to gain the most benefit and valuable feedback during this development stage. Whoever makes it in will definitely help shape the future of the game.

The Treeverse pre-alpha will be launching in Q4 of 2022. This is just a scaled-down and simplified version of the game for alpha testing, so it'll be distributed as an APK file with an NDA for users the team manually select. This form will last for two weeks, and the winners will be emailed with instructions on how to progress forward. This means that game testing experience and an active community will help in getting picked to be one of the lucky participants who make it in.

Not a lot of content will come out of The Treeverse pre-alpha considering it is all in development and a lot will change down the line. The game definitely boasts a lot of innovative features, including the classless approach to the players' characters. Loopify elaborated on it further during our exclusive interview and how It enables everyone to freely forge their own path and attract different kinds of players and give them a role in this evergrowing world. This makes it suitable for all kinds of players. Those who want to quickly jump in for an enjoyable session with their friends and those who want to play the game day in and day out.

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September 21st 2023


December 1st 2022

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