The Devikins Share Updated Phase 2 Roadmap

Devikins share an updated roadmap following their previous adjustment with goods news for the community on development progress and early access.

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Devikins is a turn-based RPG with innovative combat mechanics and tons of lore with each player contributing to the game's universe and uniquely represented by their own Devikins NFTs. The development team, MoonLabs Studios, updated their community earlier in September 15 on what is next for the game. The piece focused primarily on Devikins’ Combat mode, alongside other Phase 1 updates.

Both PvE (Story Mode) and asynchronous PvP were parts of the roadmap but the feedback from the community on the committed Q2 2023 timeline wasn't the best. The latest Devikins roadmap update carried some good news for everyone who is a fan of the turn-based RPG. MoonLabs Studios has decided to skip the Open Beta period and instead jump straight into releasing Phase 2 with full progression in the form of early access to iterate the game as time goes by. 

With an early access release, players will notice content missing, like fewer PvE regions available or it may not be fully polished. However, this will help the development team shape the game the way the community wants it to come out. Participants will be able to make leveling progress, battle others in PvP and play through PvE to find bosses. Weekly rankings won't be available during the early access period as well. As players will be using their real accounts, all progress will carry over to the full release. Devikin, Weapons, and Equipment will all be functional NFTs.

Another piece of exciting news is all users who participate in the Closed Beta will receive an exclusive pet skin after release. For now, a tentative launch date for Devikins 2.0 Early Access has been set for the end of February.

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