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Devikins is a turn-based RPG mixed with character breeding, all of it fueled by crypto tokens, used in lieu of non-valued game currency.

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Devikins is an RPG mixed with character breeding. Devikins has an ever-expanding world with a player-first mentality. Each character will be unique in their visual and combat attributes due to the semi-infinite nature of the character creation algorithm and breeding gameplay. By breeding the characters they own, players can renew their pool of unique characters. Because of this, every character looks different.

In Devikins, the player is at the center of everything. Each playable character in Devikins is a NFT, which means that every player owns a wholly unique character in the Devikins universe. In addition, players can keep their collection of characters fresh and aim for the strongest, most competitive character possible via the breeding system. All this individuality makes it fun for players to continue experimenting with new characters by breeding them or buying new ones from our marketplace. It's even possible for players to begin earning $DVK, the game's in-game currency, by putting their own characters up for sale.

Training a Devikin

Devikins begin their life as babies. They may undergo training to unlock their maximum potential upon reaching adulthood. Once they are adults, they enter their last stage of a devikin's life. They may engage in combat and other challenges to secure loot, prestige, experience, and have fun killing otherworldly creatures. However, the devikin's heart is still intact - despite all this bloodshed and mayhem, they can still find love. After all, what would the world be without some love? Devikins might enter "passion gigs," where two parents-to-be request another being to be reborn as their child.

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Adult devikins are the ones out adventuring, taking on perilous tasks and journeying deep into the Void, the setting in which the game is set. They engage in epic battles against their own kin and otherworldly monsters that threaten the Void. Nonetheless, if you are not satisified with your character's performance, you can always purchase an already trained and developed Devikin NFT from the in-game marketplace with your hard earned $DVK for better performance.

Game Modes

Devikin features both PvP and PvE game modes. The latter pulls you into the game's rich lore and its vibrant universe. The memorable characters and the fight for supremacy will never end. In order to claim your rightful place on the throne, you must call to action every being of the Void to take up arms and follow your cause before your meddling siblings do.

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On the other hand, PvP is a bit more complex, with players engaged on a daily basis every time they log into the game through daily missions, achievements, and long-term progression. These features alongside how each player raise their own Devikin NFT make the title's turn-based RPG gameplay a lot more exciting and unpredictable.

How to Get Started

Devikins is already available on the Google Play Store and Apple's App Store for both Android and iOS users respectively. The latest roadmap update from MoonLabs Studios announced the studio's decision to skip the Open Beta period and instead jump straight into releasing Phase 2 with full progression in the form of early access to iterate the game as time goes by.

About Devikins


MoonLabs Studios Inc.


Devikins is an RPG mixed with character breeding game. Devikins has an ever-expanding world with a player-first mentality.


MoonLabs Studios Inc.


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