DeFi Land is Now on Android and iOS Devices; Solana Saga Supported at Launch

DeFi Land, the gamified decentralized finance application, is now available for iOS and Android users with Solana Saga supported at launch.

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A lot of web3 and blockchain games are prioritizing mobile at the moment, with Crypto Raiders recently announcing their iOS app approval, and DeFi Land revealing their mobile support plans. The gamified decentralized finance application on Solana will be launching on Android and iOS devices, with Solana Saga supported at launch.

The DeFi Land team has successfully redesigned the casual experience to be friendly for mobile users without sacrificing any of the core features. This allows the game to expand its reach across many more devices with a far lower threshold for technical specifications for those without a PC.

The game’s multiplayer leaderboards and progression is separate from PC, which isn’t particularly good news for those who put the time and money already to build their farms, but the team believes it is for the better. This allows for everyone to start fresh. Unlike the web game, which gives you free access to all the houses and buildings from the start, the mobile game will give players a simple plot of land in the middle of a rural village to kickstart their farming career.

Will you play DeFi Land now that it is on mobile? Do you think the future of web3 games should be more directed towards mobile or PC? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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September 21st 2023


August 24th 2022

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