Deadrop Snapshot V Goes Live; Brings Tons of New Features

Deadrop releases its Snapshot V with a lot of new features and game modes for players to enjoy.

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Deadrop Snapshot V is finally live, taking gamers inside Sector 3: Cold Storage. The Snapshot offers a new series of theatrical extractions, upgraded attachments, and brand new weapon skins, including the smoke grenade. Additionally, players have a chance to respawn as a SYN. But that's not all, as Snapshot V introduces a new feature called the Rising Freeze. Players fight for loot and extract before time runs out to try and escape the Rising Freeze while evading enemy combatants to be the last one standing and make it out alive.

In addition to the new gameplay features previously mentioned, the latest Snapshot update brings several other improvements. For instance, the main menu now features an official DEADROP theme song composed by Edouard Brenneisen (Overwatch 2, Call of Duty, League of Legends). Additionally, a Variant’s VisorCortex is now displayed on their face shields and can be worn with all tiers of combat helmets.

Deadrop players can also loot a Variant’s ID Tag from their Deathbag upon death and keep it in their Stash to track their Variant kills. To make it easier to identify players, each player will be auto-assigned a color combination for their outfit and gear. The color changes each time they enter the tower and is not persistent.

Deadrop Snapshot V comes with a persistent inventory system, where a player's Stash is saved persistently on and validated by the server. The first wipe will occur upon downloading the snapshot and logging in for the first time. Future wipes will be communicated in advance. The armor system has also been updated, and players can now find and equip helmets and chest armor. Each category has three tiers of armor, providing varying levels of damage reduction to the covered area.

The Snapshot also features an updated feedback form for Founders to provide their comments. If you're not a Founder, you can still head to their website to get your Tower Key Pre-Alpha Access. This grants you access to Snapshot builds, unique legendary cosmetics, the Season 0 Battle Pass, special gameplay events, and more.

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September 6th 2023


March 21st 2023

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