Crypto Unicorns Launch Team RPG Mini Games

Crypto Unicorns introduces Team RPG prototypes, offering players the chance to build their dream team of Unicorns and engage in exhilarating PVP battles.

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Crypto Unicorns has reached a significant milestone with the live release of their Team RPG prototypes. During the Playtest, community members can get hands-on experience with the two prototypes, Match-3 and Auto-Battler, while offering valuable feedback before the games head to Snapshot for voting.

Team RPG is a skill-based PVP game where players create their ultimate team of five Unicorns to challenge opponents. In the Match-3 PVP mode, players alternate turns matching orbs and deploying skills to strike their adversary. The objective is to deplete your opponent's hit points (HP) entirely. On the other hand, in the Auto-Battler PVP mode, players position their Unicorns on a board and observe them battling their opponent's 'corns according to their stats. The goal is to eliminate all rival Unicorns by reducing each of their hit points (HP) to zero.

To access the Team RPG Prototype, visit the website here and click on the Team RPG app icon. You'll be redirected to a new browser page featuring the Team RPG build.

Please note that a MetaMask wallet with at least five Unicorns is required to participate in the game. So, gear up and embark on an exciting adventure with your unique team of Crypto Unicorns in this skill-based PVP experience.

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September 6th 2023


April 14th 2023

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