Crypto Raiders Introduces Party Raid Feature

Experience a new level of dungeon raiding in Crypto Raiders as the Party Raid feature allows you to send three Raiders into battle simultaneously for powerful and exclusive loot.

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Crypto Raiders has just launched the Party Raid feature, elevating the dungeon raiding experience by allowing players to send three Raiders into a dungeon simultaneously. With this new feature, players can engage in more challenging battles against multiple enemies and fight for powerful and exclusive loot, including belts that provide significant combat bonuses to your Raiders.

Drawing inspiration from classic pixel-art RPGs, Crypto Raiders immerses players in a high-risk, high-reward adventure where careful strategy and decision-making are crucial to conquering enemies and securing valuable loot. The game offers a blend of permanent dungeons available for raiding at any time and limited-time dungeons with more lucrative rewards, but also higher risks for the ill-equipped.

With the Party Raid feature, Crypto Raiders takes dungeon exploration to new heights, enhancing the excitement and challenge for players as they embark on this thrilling adventure.

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September 6th 2023


April 4th 2023

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