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CryptoRaiders is a utility-based NFT RPG game where you raid weekly dungeons for gear & loot, but be careful… death is permanent

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crypto raiders key art.jpg
crypto raiders gameplay 1.png
crypto raiders gameplay.webp


Crypto Raiders brings back the nostalgia of ruthless pixel-art RPGs, where every move has to be calculated properly otherwise you are at the risk of losing all your progress and your assets with it. The game takes you on an incredibly dangerous but exciting adventure where you get to raid dungeons, conquer enemies, earn loot and return to your homeland victorious.


There will be six base characters that can be fully customized by their owner. These characters come in four different skin types: Human, Elf, Cyborg, and Skeleton. The initial availability of each skin type is determined by its rarity. There are no inherent differences between the base characters in terms of attributes. The original supply of 10K total base characters was split between the aforementioned skin types, with an extra breakdown for Dark Elves.

crypto raiders gameplay.webp

Since then, Crypto Raiders has seen the number of playable characters grow to over 65K through its unique Recruiting system. These are specific slots where Crypto Raider NFT owners get to spend a specific amount of $AURUM to recruit a new Raider to play with, send to a friend, or sell on the market. This is the main driver of expanding the game's roster of playable characters.

Players can choose the character that looks the best to them without worrying about any differences in stats. All attributes in the game are acquired through gear, weapons, and potions that are found in dungeons or obtained through other means. These items provide all of the stats that a player will have throughout the game. 

Game Modes

Crypto Raiders offers a mix of permanent dungeons that can be raided at any time and limited-time dungeons that are only available for a short period. The limited-time dungeons understandably carry a lot more lucrative loot, but at the same time are a lot more dangerous to venture into if you are ill-equipped.

At the same time, endless dungeons were introduced in January 2022. Each level has a MOB that must be defeated. If the MOB is successfully defeated, the difficulty will increase for the next level. Players will be able to choose from two out of six buffs for their Raider character after beating each level.

The gameplay follows a real-time simulation style, allowing players to watch their characters as they complete quests. When a character successfully completes a dungeon, they will be able to choose one of three loot options. If a character dies in battle, they will be permanently removed from the game and replaced with a non-fungible token (NFT) depicting their dead character. As characters are lost in battle, the remaining base characters will become more valuable as players will need to purchase new ones to continue playing.

On top of that, Crypto Raiders offers a unique Arena PvP experience that can be enjoyed by both active and passive players. Players can engage in duels by either actively choosing an opponent and initiating the duel or passively allowing other players to initiate a duel with their Raider. The dueling interface is similar to the mechanic for fighting in dungeons, with the active player using the current attack system and the passive player acting like an enemy MOB.

crypto raiders gameplay 1.png

Both Raiders' stats will be taken into account when attacking and defending during the duel. The results of each duel, whether active or passive, will be recorded to build a record of wins and losses for both Raiders.

How to Get Started

All ownable assets in Crypto Raiders exist as tokens in order to trade them. To trade and store the assets in the Crypto Raiders ecosystem, you will need a wallet like MetaMask to connect to the website. You'll need WETH to purchase Raiders, through Opensea or any supported NFT marketplace, and MOBS on Polygon if you want to play with Raiders and hold MOBS, among other features.

Whenever you run out of dungeons, you can spend $AURUM to reset your raids. Each time you reset your raids, you will get 3 dungeons with that Raider, and the cost will double each time.

About Crypto Raiders

Crypto Raiders

Crypto Raiders lets you raid dungeons, conquer enemies, earn loot and return to your homeland victorious.