Citizen Conflict Alpha 2.0 Will Showcase New Takeover Mode

Prepare for Citizen Conflict Alpha 2.0 with a fresh competitive game mode, exciting new maps, and intense team tactics that will test your strategic skills.

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Citizen Conflict Alpha 2.0 is almost here, bringing exciting gameplay dynamics, tournaments, and team tactics to challenge players. This update introduces a new competitive game mode called Takeover, three kinds of tournaments, five heroes, and two brand-new maps for players to conquer.

In the Takeover game mode, two teams battle for control of the map by capturing and holding key locations. This mode emphasizes teamwork, strategy, and coordination among heroes. Teams must work together to reach 1000 points first, earning points through kills and capturing control locations.

Two new maps, Airfield and New Pressburg, provide fresh battlegrounds for players to explore. Airfield boasts an industrial atmosphere with aircraft hangars, heavy machinery, and sun-scorched land. Control locations include Fuel Storage (A), Hangar parts B1 and B2, and Aircraft Yard (C). New Pressburg features a futuristic, cyberpunk-inspired Bratislava cityscape, complete with neon-lit buildings and a stunning river view. Teams will fight for control over iconic Bratislava sights like the Slovak National Parliament (A), Bratislava Castle (B), and the Radio Station (C).

Prepare for intense battles, strategic planning, and exhilarating team tactics in Citizen Conflict Alpha 2.0. Sign up and join the fray to experience the thrill of the Takeover game mode and compete for glory in the updated maps.

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September 6th 2023


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