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Citizen Conflict is an upcoming AAA game experience built in Unreal Engine 5 by the gaming industry veterans and pro e-sport players to deliver highly competitive product for everybody. This world will either break you or make you and it is only up to you to become a legend and rule your way.

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Citizen Conflict is the perfect game for those who fast-paced and exciting PvP shooter titles. The game is a hero-based shooter built on the BNB Smart Chain and is set to democratize the first-person shooter esports sector. Citizen Conflict introduces an immersive cyberpunk world, and a captivating gaming experience, with next-gen dynamics built in Unreal Engine 5. The robust storyline follows the dystopian world of Ether Islands and presents unique characters and power-starved syndicates battling in multiple game modes.

Citizen Conflict is a hero-based shooter and is set to democratize the first-person shooter esports sector. Citizen Conflict introduces an immersive cyberpunk world, and a captivating gaming experience. The robust storyline follows the dystopian world of Ether Islands and presents unique characters and power-starved syndicates battling in multiple game modes.

Citizen Conflict takes place in the early 2030s., when humanity realized that if it doesn't unite in an effort to tackle the climate crisis, its consequences could threaten human survival on planet Earth. This sparked a political uproar that resulted in the formation of a planetary government that would rule over all nations of Terra. Those who didn't want to be under its rule were forced to, following the threat of not being included in any international trade, travel and financial system.

Fast forward to the 2100s, following the consequences of everything that unraveled in the past, the Ether island is a dystopian city where each one of the 10 districts serve a purpose and dictate the social structure and hierarchy of those who remain. This world will either break you or make you. It is only up to you how you rule your way up toward the legends. Hone your skills, level up, upgrade your gear, and win big in PvP tournaments. Real you is not enough…


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Those living on the Ether Islands came from all around the world, and thus a new social structure had to be developed. Moral values are non-existent on the island, and each one of the syndicates are after solely their own benefit. None of them care about the means of reaching their goal as long as it is achievable. It is a scary thought but one that keeps the population of the Ether Islands safe as long as they are serving their syndicate and contributing to its growth and mission to overtake everyone else.

Citizen Conflict features three major syndicates at launch; Korpo, Hackhunters, and Midnight. Each is unique in their own right, with a background story on why they do what they do and what they want to achieve.

  • KORPO:  Korpo is at home in the Highstreet of Ether Islands. Pride describes their lifestyle, and rising the corporate ladder is their mission. Unlimited monetary potential and information manipulation is their power.
  • HACKHUNTERS: Notorious mercenaries of the blockchain world will work with the one who puts in the highest bid. They keep the Metropolis in check and can make anybody’s life miserable if they want in seconds by just pushing a few buttons.
  • MIDNIGHT: Midnight crew “Royalty of the night” is a bunch of Ether Islands street Kings and Queens from the lower classes. No rules apply to the royalty, so they do whatever they want, whenever they want.


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Each hero has their own personality in Citizen Conflict. These are not your run-in-the-mill heroes. Each character got a unique personality, syndicate, buff, and perks to bring diversity to the gameplay. The skills of heroes and their classes are significant for your team's survival on the battlefield so choose wisely because your choice determines the tides of WAR!

There is a class for everyone. Citizen Conflict's hero classes cater to those who like to run nose first into battle carrying their weapons in their arm and taking the enemy head on. At the same time, there are classes for those who like to play a more supportive role within their team and instead of taking the credit themselves, they are happy to enable the rest of the members get the victory for them. Each class features a number of characters being periodically showcased on the game's Twitter.

  • Assault: Assault represents a primarily offensive role in the game. They’re the heroes that create some of the most impact, offering aggression to a team comp.
  • Medic: Medics empower their allies by healing, shielding, boosting damage, and disabling foes.
  • Support: Supports are defensive experts whose main goal is the support of their teammates with various abilities and locking down areas or watching flanks.
  • Specialist: Specialists are experts in setting up their team up for success. This usually comes in the form of supporting abilities that can be used offensively or defensively to block off a target’s vision, but also slow, stun or flash enemies.

Citizen Conflict is not just the bullets and sharpshooters. It’s the right gear and strategy that matters. Weapons, masks, characters, and their special abilities play a big role in the outcome of every match.


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Citizen Conflict brings with it an array of game modes that almost any shooter player can find something they like to play. The game features everything from cooperative to PvP, PvPvE, and their own unique game modes designed around the lore and in-game syndicates controlling the Ether Islands. The following is a brief description on some of the modes present within the game that bring an experience distinct to Citizen Conflict and ties its storyline together.

  • Extraction: a PvPvE game mode played in squads of 4 where your goal is to fight through the districts of Ether Island to District 1.
  • Purge: a PvP scavenge-raiding game mode for experienced players with a highrisk and high-reward system played either solo or in Squads of 4 players. In each match, the goal is to get the most valuable loot and get out before the rest of the players kill you.
  • Syndicate Wars: Team based game mode where three teams of 4 face each other on maps of smaller scales. The goal is to kill enemies as many times as possible and fill your vault with tokens.

Esports in the Hands of Players

Citizen Conflict aims at bringing in-game upskilling back into the hands of retail players. We are eager to organize competitive tournaments and leagues. With Citizen Conflict, everyone can become a pro. From true ownership of in-game assets to claiming valuable loot based exclusively on your skill, Citizen Conflict targets to shift the paradigm of competitive gameplay experience. From District 0 to 10 uncharted lands - players are obliged to prove resourceful in several gaming environments.

Regular tournaments and valuable loot will grant you a chance to really upgrade your gaming passion. Gameplay based on esports and blockchain is the backbone of true ownership and distribution of power to players. We reward you for your skills without third-person authorities. Citizen Conflict wraps all of it up in-game within District 0 - the place where all the magic is forged.

How to Get Started

Citizen Conflict is now playable through the Epic Games Store. The game recently introduced their Genesis NFT Collection, "Citizen Zero," which serves as an all-in-one access and rewards pass for all things Citizen Conflict. Additionally, Qorpo World is launching its highly anticipated $QORPO token at the end of February 2024, which is expected to play a significant role in Citizen Conflict's ecosystem.

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Citizen Conflict

Citizen Conflict is a free-to-play, team-based shooter game set in the dystopian world of Ether Islands.


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