Champions Ascension Discusses Combat Update and the Vault of Carnage

Champions Ascension is migrating to Polygon with improved rewards, revamped combat system, and major enhancements to the Vault of Carnage gameplay.

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The developers of Champions Ascension have announced a significant update to the game. With an upcoming move towards Polygon, the game promises an increase in rewards and the ability to unlock different tiers of rewards based on the in-game activities of the players you invite. Furthermore, game installs will be attributed to community members and influencers to enhance understanding of growth strategy performance.

Combat in Champions Ascension is receiving an upgrade. Notable changes include the increase in Aos Arcane FoT base damage to 380, up from the previous 240. The damage will now scale with Purity, adding an additional layer of strategy to the gameplay. For Il'gra, Arcane FoT damage per hit is set to increase to 60, up from 50. The mechanic has also been reworked, allowing Il'gra to regain 40 points of FoT if he completely misses his attack. Lastly, Arcane Karkadon FoT Base damage will be increased to 200, up from 150, and its baseline cooldown penalty to enemies hit has been increased to 6 seconds, up from 3.

The Vault of Carnage is in line for a significant revamp. Enhancements include extending the duration of all power-ups to 20 seconds and removing their negative effects. The Bear Trap cooldown has been reduced to 3 minutes, down from the original 5, and it will no longer deal damage. For players in Ghost Form, a new UI message will guide them to use traps to disrupt players and return to life. A new Trap, the Arrow of Hela, will be added to the existing trap arsenal.

The update also introduces an "Unstoppable" tag for the Il'gra, Kark, and Whisperer's Fury of the Titans. This addition will make their attacks unstoppable and merciless, adding a new layer of intensity to the gameplay.

What are you most looking forward to trying out in this Champions Ascension update?

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September 6th 2023


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