Blast Royale Update 0.13 Brings Several New Features

Blast Royale's Update 0.13 brings new features like Trios in Custom Games, a visually pleasing settings screen, new portraits, a game mutator, and more.

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Blast Royale's update 0.13 brings a host of new features to enrich the gameplay experience. Players can now select squads in Custom Games by choosing Battle Royale Trios as the game mode. Furthermore, the settings screen has been redesigned to align visually with the game's unique style. Players will also notice new portraits on the global leaderboard and after-match standings, which can be customized through the Blast Hub.

In this update, the game systems have been adjusted to simplify gameplay, particularly for new users. Players will now only be able to carry one gun at a time during a match. Alongside these changes, several bugs have been addressed. An issue that prevented players from moving their characters during a match has been fixed. The team also resolved a bug with the NFT transfer cooldown and CS pool/take calculations, and another that was resulting in higher CS earnings than intended.

Update 0.13 introduces several balancing changes aimed at promoting strategy and fair play. The maximum ammo count for all weapons has been increased, and bullet speed reduced, enhancing the likelihood of being able to dodge shots. The Craft Spice pool base values have also been altered to emphasize the importance of Adjectives for the pool size, thus reducing the impact of the number of NFTs owned.

The values of Adjectives and Grades have been adjusted to align with their chances of being obtained from Blastboxes. To help players make sense of these changes, a calculator has been made available to experiment with various loadouts. Lastly, the repair costs for non-NFTs have been revised, making the cost per 1 durability point a fixed 150 coins, regardless of previous repairs.

After such a significant update, how have you been enjoying Blast Royale? Do you like the changes?

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September 6th 2023


May 11th 2023

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