Blankos Block Party Season 1 Goes Live September 28th with New Content

Blankos Block Party is gearing up for its official Season 1 release scheduled for September 28th, and it brings with it tons of new content.

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There are a few casual games in the web3 gaming landscape at the moment that you can play just to chill with your friends and have a blast with funny moments all the way through. This is where Blankos Block Party shines the most, and the title is entering its Season 1 very soon.

Mythical Games' Blankos Block Party will have its inaugural season go live on September 28th through the Epic Games Launcher. Of course, you wouldn't expect the studio to not celebrate the special occasion with new content for fans to dive into once everything is online. Season 1 brings with it the new and reworked Blanko classes. Trickster, formerly a class for the Trickle Blanko, the new Bruiser class, and Tracer returns to the pack with a

The default character is getting a reskinned as well. The N.O.O.B. character everyone receives by default won't be the red Blanko we all know and love. The new N.O.O.B. Blanko is designed for Season 1 specifically. However, if you played the game during its early access phase, you will get to keep both to show off how much of an OG member you are. There is no doubt Blankos Block Party is a true contender for the top casual web3 game available right now. 

Mythical Games updated the Hidden Perks feature as well so that from September 28th onwards, any Season 1 Blanko you open will contain two of the following six hidden perks:

  • Attachment Ace – Jetpacks use 10% less energy
  • Plummet – Your terminal velocity is higher
  • Holiday Shopper – Shoving an enemy gives you a 5 second speed boost.
  • Life of the Party – Emoting near your allies gives them 5 health per second.
  • Bopper – You can jump off of other Blanko’s heads.
  • Big Pockets – Your max and starting ammo is increased by 50%.

What are you most excited to try out first in Blankos Block Party: Season 1? Which class is going to be your go-to Blanko? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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