BitMates Public Beta Launches on March 31st

BitMates is gearing up towards its public beta launch on March 31st, with tons of content for players to enjoy and get through once it is live.

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BitMates, the Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game, is set to launch its free-to-play public beta on March 31st, 2023. Since its minting in August 2021, BitMates has become an engaging interactive world where players from across the globe can connect and have fun. The game features limited edition digital collectibles known as Bitmates characters, which players can use as their in-game avatars.

For the first time, the public beta launch will introduce free-to-play characters, allowing anyone to join the game without the need to hold an NFT or cryptocurrency. The only requirement is a self-custodial wallet, such as Metamask, for players to connect to the game via desktop. The expansive BitMates world features seven primary regions and 21 sub-regions. At the public beta launch, players will be able to explore five regions located on the eastern side of the map: Castaway Cove, Interloper's Cavern, Brightwood, Braveheart Barracks, and the Kingdom of Solaire.

Combat is a central aspect of BitMates, with players engaging in solo battles against various enemies, each with unique abilities, combat styles, and difficulty levels. While solo combat is possible against many enemies, players will need to team up with friends to defeat the more challenging bosses. Successful combat encounters reward players with experience points, valuable loot, and even legendary weapons in rare cases.

Quests are another key element of the BitMates gaming experience. Players can complete daily quests, side quests, and main quests to earn gold and reputation from NPCs. Higher reputation levels unlock more quests, items, and increased gold rewards. There will be nine skills for players to progress in during launch, grouped under three categories: Gathering (fishing, mining, woodchopping), Production (cooking, blacksmithing, woodworking), and Combat (melee, ranged, magic).

A leaderboard will be available to track players' skill progression and host events. Top players in each respective skill can earn in-game NFT prizes. All items obtained in the game will be tradable on a peer-to-peer basis, and at launch, all trades will be recorded on the game servers.

As BitMates moves into its public beta phase, players can look forward to an immersive, expansive, and engaging gaming experience.

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