Big Time v0.25 Update Adds New Cosmetics, New Dungeon, and More

Big Time v0.25 update wipes players' data once again, but brings with it a new cosmetic type, a new dungeon tileset, and tons of fresh content for players to enjoy.

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Big Time, the GAM3 Awards Game of the Year winner, is getting a significant update with the release of patch v0.25. The new version brings exciting changes to gameplay and digital collectibles for players of the popular game. Unfortunately, all player data will be wiped due to a large amount of changes to progression and early-game balance.

First-time Big Time players will experience an entirely new flow that accelerates early game play and provides better guidance for players. Additionally, a new Dungeon Tileset, Tomb of an Unknown Pharaoh, has been added for players to explore. In-game quests have been added with the introduction of daily and weekly “Bounties”. Public event drill rigs are now associated with an elemental type, and players can fast travel between unlocked waypoints in Time’s End. A new “Shock” weapon gem is also now available for crafting at the Weapon Gem vendroid.

For collectors, new cosmetic item types have been added, including Footprint Effects and Emote Animations. The user interface for equipping cosmetic items has been revamped to support new types of items and improve usability. Balance changes have been made to the game, including improved rewards for mission XP and Demon Chest drops, and a penalty reduction for players below level 20. Projectile size and blocking have been adjusted, while knockdown animations and artifact fragment stack size have been modified.

Big Time players can no longer spawn certain portals near various objects and portals in the world to prevent griefing. Friendly players will no longer block projectiles from one another. Additionally, more possible stat bonuses have been added to most items. These changes are just a few of the many exciting updates in Big Time Version 0.25. Although all player data will be wiped for this update, players can expect a better overall gameplay experience.

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September 21st 2023


February 25th 2023

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