Big Time Update 0.26 Introduces New Classes, New Map, and New Abilities

Discover the thrilling changes in Big Time's Update 0.26, featuring new player classes, abilities, improved UI, enhanced gameplay mechanics, and more.

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Big Time, the popular action RPG, has just released its major update, Version 0.26, bringing a plethora of fresh content and improvements to the game. This patch is set to revamp the player experience, with significant changes to early-game balance and progression. Here's a closer look at what players can expect from this exciting update:

  1. Two New Player Classes: Players can now unlock the Techblade and Battlemancer classes at level 30. These classes bring new strategic elements and depth to the game, with unique abilities and support abilities tailored to each class.
  2. Thundercube Wave Challenge Map: Test your skills in the brand-new wave challenge map, Thundercube. Players will need to survive wave after wave of enemies, completing optional objectives along the way for better rewards.
  3. Revamped Melee Combo System: The update introduces an updated melee combo system that requires precise timing to execute successful combos. The improved system increases the skill ceiling and offers more significant rewards for mastering the system.
  4. New Abilities for Existing Classes: Big Time is also expanding the existing classes, with additional abilities for the Shadowblade, Time Warrior, and Quantum Fixer classes, bringing new dynamics to each class and creating more engaging gameplay opportunities.
  5. Procedurally Generated Level Improvements: Update 0.26 enhances the procedurally generated levels in the game, providing more surprises, variation, and encounter diversity across all the game's environments.
  6. New Enemies and Updated AI: The game introduces new enemy types, including the Blight Captain and Cyber Pirate Carpenter, along with updated AI movement speeds, resulting in a more challenging and engaging experience for players.
  7. Improved User Interface: The update also features an overhauled skill tree UI, making it easier to navigate and providing more useful information at a glance. Abilities now also show which shielding layers they are effective against.
  8. Visual and Audio Enhancements: Players will notice updated visuals, animations, and sound effects throughout the game, elevating the overall immersive experience.
  9. Bug Fixes and Performance Optimizations: Update 0.26 brings numerous bug fixes and performance improvements, resulting in smoother gameplay and improved dungeon load times.

It's worth noting that this update will result in a complete wipe of player data due to the extensive changes made to progression and early-game balance. Big Time has also extended special thanks to its Player Council for their contributions and feedback, ensuring that the update is the best it can be.

For a comprehensive understanding of all updates and improvements, please refer to the full patch notes provided.

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September 6th 2023


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