Big Time Update 0.22 Adds New Potions, New Dungeons, and Tons of Improvements

Big Time beta update 0.22 adds a lot of new content for players to enjoy with new potions, dungeons, and addresses tons of bugs.

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Big Time is definitely one of the top 10 blockchain games available right now in the web3 gaming space. The latest few weeks have been a little turbulent for the open world MMORPG considering the number of account resets in favor of changes and improvements to the game. The latest 0.22 update brings with it new content, tons of balance changes, and various improvements to different aspects of the game.

Outside of the plethora of bugs resolved with the new update thanks to the community's reports, the changes added will definitely have a noticeable impact on the game. One of the significant changes is increasing the Gold cap, having the Gold penalty be a bit more mindful of lower-level players and not as punishing, reducing the length of all dungeons, buffed Shurikens for all the ninja lovers, among other adjustments. Big Time now features a new dungeon tileset as well with the introduction of Rift Forest.

Big Time players now have two new potions to take with them on their quests; Panacea and Warding. Panacea cures all ailments while Warding grants temporary immunity to all ailments. Another major change is now players can change their Pocket Watches inside dungeons with the new addition of a "safe zone" where players won't get attacked and do any strategic changes needed to their builds.

Last but not least, those used to playing in parties will get to enjoy the all new party UI, with the most noticeable change is the clear indication of the party leader and finally separating the Leave Party and Close buttons. Now when you die as well, you will get to see the healthbar of the player you are spectating. You can go through the full patch notes in the blog post.

What change are you most excited about? What do you want to see implemented in future updates that is still missing from your Big Time experience? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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September 21st 2023


September 24th 2022

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