Big Time Airdrop Point System Explained: How to Claim $TIME

We go through the Big Time airdrop point system in all its details for you to be eligible for the upcoming $TIME token campaign.

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Big Time deservedly won our inaugural GAM3 Awards Game of the Year award. The game has been continuously pushing the entire web3 gaming forward, and blurring the lines between blockchain and traditional games by offering a classic MMORPG experience that lots of players have been dying for. However, the studio always promised earning potential to those who stick around and grind the game consistently. We are here today to let you know how to claim $TIME and the rules you need to fulfill to be eligible for the upcoming airdrop campaign.

Big Time Studios announced they will be distributing 130,000,000 $TIME Tokens to eligible players. This represents about 10% of the total $TIME Tokens needed to craft all the Craftable Cosmetic Collectibles for their first season. It's worth noting that $TIME Tokens will be included in later stages of the airdrop program.

To determine how the airdrops will be allocated, Big Time will be using an Account Point Based System. This system takes into account both gameplay activity and Big Time Collectible holdings of an account. The more collectibles an account holds, the higher the airdrop allocation will be. Additionally, higher rarity and more valuable collectibles will result in more points. This means that owning weapons, armors, titles, SPACEs, utility collectibles, and mystery boxes will all contribute to an account's total points.

To be eligible for the first month of the airdrop, an account must own at least one Big Time Collectible. However, being eligible does not guarantee an airdrop reward as there are a limited number of mystery boxes available each month. The allocation per account will depend on the points calculated based on the account's Big Time Collectibles. In order to still be in the running for future months, month 2 onwards, an account must play the game at least once during that month. The more an account plays Big Time and the more Big Time Collectibles they own, the more points they will earn, making them eligible for higher rewards during that month.

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Account Points are the main factor in determining airdrop points. They are calculated based on an account's Big Time Collectible holdings. The more collectibles an account holds, the higher their account points will be. To calculate the Account Points for players, Big Time will take a snapshot of the account holdings on a random day during the previous month.

In addition to account points, players can also earn Airdrop Points through an Adventure Bonus. Each adventure completed during the month will increase the Account Points by 5%. The Adventure Bonus can only go up to 100%, meaning players will have to complete at least 20 adventures during that month to maximize their Airdrop points.

Accounts will receive airdrops based on their total Airdrop Points. The higher the points, the higher the reward. With this airdrop campaign, players have the opportunity to earn a significant amount of $TIME Tokens through gameplay, holding Big Time Collectibles, and completing adventures.

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