Best 5 Web3 Games of November 2023

We cover the best 5 NFT games for the month of November 2023 who headlined the web3 gaming world with major announcements, game updates, and releases.

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We are entering the final stretch of 2023, with only a few weeks away from the GAM3 Awards 2023 to crown the winners of all 19 categories. November was a busy month in web3 gaming, filled with lots of new game launches, closed betas, and big gameplay reveals from top games. We had to pick just the top 5 games of the month to highlight. Before the GAM3 Awards on December 14, let’s take a look at these five games that made our list.



Aurory has established itself as a leading free-to-play MMORPG in the Web3 gaming space. Its vibrant community, distinctive art style, and the influx of experienced personnel from traditional gaming to blockchain have been pivotal in its rise.

The release of "Seekers of Tokane" on Epic Games marked a significant milestone. This fantasy adventure JRPG takes players through the realms of Antik and Tokane, offering a blend of strategy, exploration, and combat. Players engage in Blitz combat, explore procedurally generated lands, and collect and level up Nefties, participating in various events with exciting rewards.

Mythic Protocol

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Mythic Protocol is an action RPG roguelite that emphasizes cooperative gameplay. Players team up in groups of three, navigating procedurally generated dungeons and facing formidable bosses.

The introduction of "Riftstorm" brought a new dimension to the game. This co-op top-down action shooter challenges players to hunt supernatural creatures and explore new worlds. The game features intense roguelite combat, cooperative PvE, and a balance of instant action and long-term mastery with tons of replayability, inviting players to face the unknown and battle Mythics.


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Pixels stands out with its open-world concept focusing on farming, exploration, and creation. The game is set in the Pixels Universe, where players engage in a unique blend of management and creativity.

The game's migration to Ronin and a surge in daily active users (DAU) to over 100K were major highlights. This transition plus new content and gameplay updates have enhanced the gaming experience, attracting a larger audience and solidifying Pixels' position in the web3 gaming landscape.



XOCIETY offers an immersive third-person shooter experience set in a post-apocalyptic Earth. The game features responsive controls and intense combat as players work to reclaim territories and revive civilization. November was a significant month with the introduction of gameplay playtests featuring bosses and various gameplay elements. These playtests, coupled with weekly development updates, have opened the game to new players, showcasing its potential and depth.

Wild Forest

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Wild Forest brings a unique deck-building mechanism to the forefront of its gameplay. Players collect cards, refine their decks, and experiment with combinations to excel in battles. The launch of Wild Forest Season 0 Open Beta for iOS and Android devices was a key event.

The Open Beta offered participants free access to the Premium line of Battle Pass rewards. Additionally, the game's migration to Ronin has been a strategic move, allowing Wild Forest to benefit from an increase in playerbase as well.

The GAM3 Awards ceremony on December 14 will be the grand finale of the year, celebrating winners across 19 diverse categories. Be sure not to miss it, as there will be exclusive trailers, first-time footage, and gameplay premieres from your favorite games.


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