Axie Origins Season 5 Launches with New Features and Rewards

Axie Origins Season 5 introduces new Starter Axies, unique rewards, reduced mint fees, and a massive 112,000 AXS up for grabs.

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The highly-anticipated Season 5 of Axie Origins is now live with a slew of new features and rewards. The game now boasts three new Starter Axies, Momo, Pomodoro, and Venoki, which players can unlock through missions. Special gifts have been dispatched for players possessing select collectible axies. This comes after the major AXP announcement, enabling the transformation of digital collectibles into lifelong digital companions and treasured family mementos.

In response to community feedback, the mint fee for Epic and Mystic Runes and Charms has been reduced by 50%, making it easier for players to mint these game resources. The Season 5 rewards pool is also bursting with approximately 112,000 AXS tokens up for grabs through various competitions, weekly missions, contests, and Fortune Chest drops.

This season, Momo, Pomodoro, and Venoki join the fray in Lunacia. Players can unlock these new Starter Axies by completing specific missions and earning resources to promote them.

Axie Infinity is rewarding players who hold Mystic, Origin, MEO/MEO II, Japanese, Christmas, Shiny, or Summer axies with a gift in their in-game mailbox.

The mint cost for Epic and Mystic Runes and Charms has been slashed by 50% in response to feedback from the Axie community. This will allow players to mint twice the number of these game resources.

Season 5 is generously stocked with rewards, offering a total of 112,000 AXS tokens across the Leaderboard, Fortune Chests, Contests, and Weekly Missions. This offers multiple ways for players to earn AXS and have a stake in the Axie community.

Axie Origins Season 5 promises to be an exciting experience, introducing new challenges and rewards that add a new layer of depth to the gameplay.

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September 6th 2023


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