Axie Infinity Introduces Axie Experience Points (AXP)

Axie Infinity unveils its new progression system, Axie Experience Points (AXP), aimed at transforming digital collectibles into cherished digital pets and family heirlooms.

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In a significant move towards bolstering its gameplay progression, Axie Infinity has launched Axie Experience Points (AXP). The aim is to enable the transformation of digital collectibles into lifelong digital companions and treasured family mementos. This comes shortly after their Season 5 Buy-In Brawl Tournament announcement.

AXP, initially accessible through Origins, can be seen as a vital mechanism uniting all axie experiences through a single, consolidated progression system known as Axie Core. While currently tied to Origins, AXP are expected to be earnable through various other Axie games, such as Homeland, DOLL, and more.

The implementation of AXP promotes vertical progression within Axie Infinity, laying the groundwork for Axie Progression. This system will enable players to invest time, effort, and skill into improving their Axies in terms of strength, aesthetics, rarity, and personalization.

AXP Earning and Upgrading

To begin with, players can earn AXP by playing Origins. Each Axie on the winning team of each ranked battle will earn 150 AXP. The total daily AXP limit per Axie is 4500. To reach this maximum, an Axie would need to be part of a team that wins all 30 of its stamina-consuming ranked arena battles in a day.

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Once an Axie accumulates 13,310 AXP, it will need to ascend via the Axie management page on App.axie. The ascension process is tiered:

  • First Ascension: 1 to 10 (13,310 AXP required)
  • Second Ascension: 10 to 20 (110,480 AXP required)
  • Third Ascension: 20 to 30 (334,170 AXP required)

Part upgrading, which is predicted to occur by the end of this year with 80% confidence, will require materials mainly sourced through releasing Axies.

The Importance of AXP

Axie Infinity, developed by Sky Mavis, has always intended for Axies to become integral components of a player's digital identity. The introduction of AXP provides a platform for players to imbue their Axies with personal time, effort, and energy, encouraging vertical progression. This approach contrasts with the horizontal progression or dilution often seen in other NFT projects that rely on constant airdrops and increasing supply to reward community members.

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AXP Launch Challenge

To celebrate the launch of AXP, Axie Infinity has announced a challenge where the first ten players to reach Level 30 with their Axies will receive unique Japanese Axies. Additionally, the first hundred players to reach this level will receive a special avatar or border, along with Moonshards. Any player who achieves Level 30 by August 31st is also eligible for Moonshards, with a snapshot planned to record each player's progress.

The Future of AXP

AXP will serve as a crucial tool for game creators and builders, allowing them to connect directly with the Axie Core ecosystem. By becoming an appealing medium for builders to attract players to their games, AXP can also be used to incentivize player engagement and align in-game actions with their designs. In the future, guidelines and requirements for builders to integrate into Axie progression and earn AXP will be developed, fostering a deeper integration with Axie Core.

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