AI Arena Announces Treasure Cup with with $100K+ in Prizes

The AI Arena Treasure Cup, an exclusive tournament for the TreasureDAO ecosystem with over $100K in prizes kicking off in April 2023.

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AI Arena is excited to announce its first-ever Treasure Cup, an exclusive tournament for the TreasureDAO ecosystem. This event, taking place throughout April 2023, offers a stunning prize pool of over $100,000, with participants competing for the prestigious Treasure Cup title.

The Treasure Cup is an AI Arena Beta Tournament that invites players from TreasureDAO game communities and the AI Arena community to participate. Qualifications for the tournament are set to take place in mid-April, with the main event scheduled for the end of the month.

To qualify for the Treasure Cup, players will need to advance through two stages: Community Qualifiers and Treasure Cup Qualifiers. In the first stage, each TreasureDAO game community will run its own initial qualifier campaign, with up to 20 players from each community moving forward to the Treasure Cup Qualifier within AI Arena. In the second stage, community qualifiers will receive demo access to AI Arena, where the top 5 performers from each game community will qualify for the Treasure Cup.

The Treasure Cup Tournament will feature approximately 100 participants, divided into 10 teams. Both individual and team prizes will be up for grabs, ensuring an exhilarating competition. The prize pool includes AI Arena NFTs, AI Arena $NRN Token Airdrops, $MAGIC, and other exciting rewards that will be announced soon.

Do you think you have what it takes to go home with the prize? How excited are you to play AI Arena competitively?

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