Aethir $150 Million Valuation and Joins Nvidia Inception Program

Singapore-based Aethir is leveraging decentralization to transform gaming and AI by making them faster and more efficient, all while reducing costs.

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Aethir $150 Million Valuation and Joins Nvidia Inception Program

Singapore-based Aethir, a pioneer in Decentralized Cloud Infrastructure (DCI), is leveraging decentralization to transform gaming and AI by making them faster and more efficient, all while reducing costs. Back in July of this year, Aethir announced the completion of its Pre-A funding round, bringing the total value raised to over $9 million and the company valuation to $150 million. The round was led by leading global investors, including Sanctor Capital, Hashkey, Merit Circle, and CitizenX with further support from Mirana Ventures, Animoca Brands, Momentum6, Big Brain Holdings, Builder Capital, Tess Ventures, Maelstrom (Arthur Hayes) and more.  


The cloud infrastructure landscape is undergoing a significant transformation, and Aethir is leading the way. Their innovative approach to decentralization is poised to reshape the world of gaming and artificial intelligence (AI), making both more efficient and cost-effective. Aethir's flagship product, known as Aethir Atmosphere, introduces a novel concept, referred to as GPU-as-a-Service. This pioneering ecosystem caters to infrastructure providers and simultaneously opens the door to a new era of web3 cloud for enterprises.

The core challenge addressed by Aethir is the limitations of current cloud infrastructure. Traditional setups primarily focus on central processing units (CPUs) and storage, which are suitable for running enterprise software and storing data but fall short in efficiently delivering graphic processing units (GPUs) - a crucial resource for gaming and AI applications.

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What we're essentially doing is solving the issue using our decentralized infrastructure to rethink cloud infrastructure from the ground up, with the benefit of a rearview mirror.

Mark Rydon, CEO of Aethir

Their approach involves creating a decentralized network of infrastructure providers and serving as a broker for a GPU marketplace. This unique brokerage system can effectively meet the ever-changing supply-and-demand requirements of major game studios, addressing the real-time challenges of gaming and AI inference.

Aethir's focus on minimizing latency, crucial for applications like cloud gaming and autonomous driving, has led them to mimic edge computing. This approach efficiently distributes GPU resources across a network of companies, providing organic coverage and scalability, all at a reduced cost compared to traditional cloud and edge computing setups.

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When you care about latency and performance, the distance from your users to the data center matters significantly.

Mark Rydon, CEO of Aethir

Aethir's decentralized model empowers them to compete effectively against industry leaders by aggregating GPUs from multiple providers and adapting to demand and pricing fluctuations dynamically.


In light of these developments, Aethir recently announced their participation in Nvidia's Inception program, a well-known supporter of AI startups. This strategic move aims to propel Aethir's mission to revolutionize the gaming and AI industries. The collaboration with Nvidia will provide access to venture capitalists, enhance visibility, and potentially attract more investments and partnerships.

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Joining Nvidia Inception is an important part of our company's evolution. Nvidia's expertise in GPU technology and deep learning will be an invaluable asset as we continue to innovate and push boundaries in the cloud gaming and AI verticals.

Kyle Okamoto, CTO of Aethir

Aethir is scaling its operations in Southeast Asia, deploying nodes to accommodate a substantial increase in monthly active users. This expansion is set to make it easier for game companies to access Aethir's infrastructure, further expanding its presence in regions across Asia and beyond.

With a presence in more than ten games and a user base exceeding 200,000, Aethir's mission to revolutionize cloud infrastructure for gaming and AI is making tangible progress. The future appears promising for this innovative startup as it reshapes the cloud landscape.

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November 1st 2023


November 1st 2023