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Nekoverse: City of Greed may deceive players at first glance with its charming and simple graphics, leading them to underestimate the game's complexity and strategic depth. However, as players delve deeper, they find themselves engrossed in a game where every decision significantly impacts their success and earnings.



The game aims to be highly accessible, free to play, and available from any browser with a wallet connection. The paid version of the game follows the same core game loop and offers additional rewards upon completing the rounds.

At first glance, Nekoverse resembles a slots game. The game board consists of a 5-reel, four-symbol slot. Initially, the reels are mostly empty with only a few symbols. The game is divided into stages. In each stage, players must earn enough coins to pay the tax, all while under the pressure of limited spins. Each spin costs one coin, and once the reels stop, the coins given by each symbol are calculated as winnings for the spin. Players then choose from three options in the shop, which range from symbols to boosters, each with varying rarity and cost.

However, focusing solely on the raw "coin payout" of each symbol will lead to failure. The game's strategy lies in building synergies between symbols, Nekos, and boosters. For example, one Neko provides a bonus payout when adjacent to a water bottle symbol. A booster may ensure that all "ore" symbols give an extra coin. However, not all symbols provide benefits; some present a good risk/reward dilemma, such as a high-paying sword that risks destroying symbols with each spin.

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These factors introduce a deeper level of strategic play. The choice of how to spend coins and which synergies to build, considering the randomness of the shop, draws players into the game. Additional pressure is added in the final rounds when players face off against the boss. Now, players not only pay a tax but also "attack" the boss, with each coin won reducing its health. However, the boss fights back by adding a debuff every turn, such as halving the payout of some of the player's best symbols.

Between each stage, players encounter dialogue from the "Mayor" Cat, which surprisingly engages players and creates a fuller "world" beyond the slots. This wider world is also reflected in the idea that each slot machine is situated on "land" with a fertility rating and level, affecting the quality of items offered by the shop. This functions as "daily energy," limiting how often players can play.

Successfully defeating the boss rewards players with random rewards, ranging from symbols for their inventory, usable in future games, to payouts in Ethereum.

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The art, symbols, and animations are engaging, and even after extended play, they do not become repetitive or grating. The depth of strategy, especially as players become more familiar with their options, elevates the game beyond casual enjoyment. While the rewards incentivize play, the style alone is enough to keep players coming back for more.

Nekoverse: City of Greed has been released in “seasons” with each changing the core loop slightly, which is a good way to keep the replayability high. They also added an x5 speed mode, which really made it easy to grind out some enjoyable sessions. The tweaking of the loop as well as the different symbols can help to break potential metas forming. I know that I have a set “deck” that I aim for, and once I was set on that deck the game did lose a lot of the challenge. With the later games being more brain-dead. 

The simplistic interactions and PvE aspect of the challenge does mean there’ll be a large chunk of players that won't click with the game. Yet for its target market, I see it ticking a lot of the boxes. I am excited to see what the next seasons bring, and what the dastardly Mayor Cat does next"

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Nekoverse Review

Nekoverse: City of Greed adopts a seasonal release format, adjusting gameplay to maintain replayability. However, once a preferred deck is established, later stages may feel less challenging. Despite its simplicity and PvE focus, the game resonates with its target audience. Anticipation for future seasons and the intrigue surrounding Mayor Cat's actions keep players engaged.



Depth of strategy

Pressure-driven decision-making

Engaging art style and animations


Pay-to-win elements with certain items

Potential for repetitive metas

Lack of sufficient cat lore

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Nekoverse is a Play-and-Earn Massive Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game (MMORPG) that is built using blockchain technology.


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