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Nekoverse is a strategy turn-based RPG game that offers players the freedom to choose their own paths.

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Nekoverse provides players the freedom to explore and choose their own paths in strategy turn-based RPG experience. They can interact with other players, engage in PvE and PvP battles, leisurely explore the game world, farm resources and craft items. The game incorporates blockchain technology to facilitate a fully decentralized in-game economy, driven by the players themselves. Additionally, the game employs an in-game DAO Governance system within its Guild mechanism, allowing players to take ownership not only of the assets but also the narrative and the game's development.

Neko NFTs

The Ancient Triad are responsible for creating all the Neko elements. In order to maintain balance in Nekoverse, these elements have been divided into three categories:

  1. Origin Quad: This category consists of Fire, Nature, Earth, and Water - the fundamental elements that exist in all universes. Origin Quad has been tasked with protecting nature.
  2. Pancha Triad: The elements in this category are Spirit, Ice, and Lightning. These elements are closely linked to the wild and those who possess them are said to have mystical powers. However, many of these powers remain unknown.
  3. Void Dyad: This category includes Light and Dark, which are believed to be the foundation of all the other elements. Summoning the Void Dyad could lead to the destruction of Nekoverse's balance and peace.

When a Neko first enters Nekoverse, it starts at Level 1. Players can increase their Neko's level by participating in core gameplay such as battles, resource farming, and item crafting. With each level up, the Neko's combat stats improve, and they become more efficient in resource farming. Special events may impose a level cap or minimum level requirement for participation. Leveling items can be used to level up the Neko once the required experience has been gained.

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In addition to leveling up, players can apply a profession to their Nekos using Profession Items. Each profession provides different benefits, including increased combat prowess, greater efficiency in item crafting and resource farming, and more. Professions allow players to develop their characters further, specializing in different P2E paths, such as Blacksmith, Alchemist, Hunter, and Merchant. As players become more invested in the game, they can gradually specialize their Nekos to become more efficient in obtaining rewards and making a name for themselves in the Nekoverse community.


Nekoverse offers players the opportunity to battle with their Neko characters in both PvE and PvP modes, such as 1v1, 3v3, Tournaments, Team Combat, and Boss Raids. The combat system is dynamic and combines the elements, stats, items, and skills of the Nekos to determine their strengths in battle. By participating in battles, players can earn in-game currency and have the chance to obtain valuable item drops that can be sold on marketplaces.

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The Real-time Skill-based Battle system in Nekoverse allows players to use their Nekos in combat against opponents using learned and purchased skills. Although the system is easy to understand, mastering it requires a solid understanding of the three main pillars: Elements, Skills, and Stats/Levels/Equipment. Elements determine the boosts and debuffs that Nekos receive when facing opponents of different elements.

Skills allow Nekos to attack, defend, and buff themselves during battles, and they can learn skills corresponding to their elements. Stats, Levels, and Equipment are the basis for a Neko's strength in battle, with leveling up and equipping Nekos with items being ways to improve their stats. Basic stats include Health Point, Attack, Defense, Evasion, Accuracy, and Speed.

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Nekoverse offers a variety of battle modes to enrich and diversify the battling experience, including 1v1 Battle, 2v2 Battle, Tag Team Battle, Tournament Competition, Raid Battle, and more. Since each game mode requires a different strategy, players can diversify their Neko lineup to increase their chances of winning. As a result, each battle mode offers a unique and exciting experience for players.

How to Get Started

Nekoverse is already in their testflight stage at the time of writing on both iOS and Android platforms. Players can jump into the game immediately and enjoy the turn-based RPG experience the game has to offer.

About Nekoverse


Nekoverse is a Play-and-Earn Massive Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game (MMORPG) that is built using blockchain technology.


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